about the book

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This book offers a comprehensive overview of Buddhist psychology views and practices, and of Gestalt therapy theory and method, replete with illustrative therapy vignettes. The authors then outline the convergences of the two systems, and explore the clinical implications of these. They also address the two approaches’ differences in focus and aims, proposing an integrated model for a psychotherapy for the 21st century, with potential to greatly enrich and expand Gestalt therapy practice.



“Eva Gold and Steve Zahm have been deeply involved in Gestalt therapy since the 1970s–for all of their professional careers–as psychotherapists, teachers, trainers, and writers. Meditation practitioners and students of Buddhist psychology, they have pioneered integrating Buddhist psychology and mindfulness into Gestalt therapy training. This book reflects their depth of understanding of each system emerges clearly as they creatively consider what each approach offers, where they converge, how they are different, and the expansive potential of the proposed synthesis. The result is an inviting pathway to incorporating the broad views of Buddhist psychology and the expanded awareness of the meditation experience into Gestalt therapy’s richly diverse perspective.” 

Erving Polster
La Jolla, CA 2016