trainee Comments

“Exceptional quality of instruction, and support for experiential learning and personal growth. The group was facilitated in a way that is reflective of the Gestalt process—very organic and supportive of emerging needs while also structured enough.”

“The complimentary aspects of Buddhist psychology and Gestalt therapy were great for deepening our own personal experience as well as helping us become more proficient clinicians.”

“The trainers create a greenhouse-like environment that holds and facilitates the group process. The training has led to greater self-awareness that in turn impacts the quality of my clinical work.”

“The training provides invaluable experience designed to improve therapeutic skills and awareness. No training I’ve experienced compares to this.”

“Overall this has been the most useful and productive of my training to date. As a woman I also appreciate the opportunity to have a woman trainer who is such an effective, professional role model.”

“Steve and Eva’s depth of knowledge, passion, and approach are inspiring and make the learning process fun and easy.”

“Experiential learning was built on a sound foundation of the trainers’ deep knowledge of Gestalt therapy theory and expertise in its application. Trainers were regarded as partners in the learning process. The trainers worked hard to achieve this partnership and to create a learning community.”

“I love this program so much it is hard to put in words how valuable it has been. It is the best training I’ve had post-graduate.”